The Wirkshop

yes I'm being a smarty pants

Why it's called a Wirkshop

After countless hours of training courses, self-development programs, books and certifications the one thing I noticed they all had in common was that the real “work” started after I left the room.

It wasn’t until I learned that the answers to adjusting my outside life all began with adjusting my inside life — and so the “i” in “wirk” is for the ‘inner work’ that must be done for true shifts in our experience to happen.

And you know how the saying goes – shift happens.

The Feel Good Sales Shift Formula™

This is a highly interactive 6 hours which covers:

Your Breakthrough Goal
(Shift from “I wish I could” into “I am achieving my goal”)

Mind Mechanics
(Find out what’s really going on in there)

Meaning Management
(Empower yourself by getting this in the right order)

Emotional Mastery
(Understand the gift of your feedback system)

Belief Busting
(Learn techniques to change your B.S. ‘belief systems’)

Money Matters
(Determine if you are inviting or repelling it)

Selling Matters
(Explore what “inside sales” really is)

You Matters
(Practice living a new self)

Are you attending and curious about what you’ll learn? The content is designed to help you eliminate fear, doubt and procrastination about making sales calls and talking to people about what you sell; let go of any attachment to the outcome of your presentations which will automatically reduce your anxiety, stress and nervousness; make WAY more money and achieve your income targets; have more confidence and an improved self-image to “BE your Best Self”; and enjoy kickass fun in sales!

The Feel Good Sales Shift Wirkshop (for up to 10 people)
Pre-Launch Reservations $2995

Includes 1 hour consultation to customize material to your specific selling process/business.


 available ‘live’ via Zoom! 4 x 90-minute / 2 x 3 hour sessions
(or all at one time if you are super-achiever learners ;o).
Includes a 70-page ‘wirkbook’ plus the recording from our sessions for you to use again for each new goal you set and lifetime access to a private facebook group for ongoing support.

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