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How you decide to proceed from here on in is the difference between a Growth and Fixed mindset.  Because this is so vitally important, I want to open my posts with it.

This concept has been made famous by Carol S. Dweck and outlined in her book ‘Mindset’ The New Psychology of Success. At its most basic, one mindset is the view of a person’s intelligence being “static” (set in stone, ingrained, established) while the other is that intelligence can be “developed” (changed, improved, expanded). Each perspective propels a person along a very different trajectory and possible outcome their sales!


A fixed mindset person will avoid challenges and give up easily engaging in self-talk of “I just can’t do it”; “I knew this wouldn’t work”; “Life sucks and then I call a prospect and it sucks more”. The person with a growth mindset will embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks. Their self-talk is more along the lines of “I know I can figure this out”; “I usually find a way to make things work”; and “I’m really looking forward to seeing the improvements this will bring!”

When I first started working with clients (back in 2003) on their mental game I didn’t know the mindset concepts at the time, and thus, didn’t have a way to explain to the ‘fixed’ group why they felt predisposed to defeat in the face of taking on something new. Carol’s work really all tied it together and now allows me to help the “fixers” shift over to the “growers” side of thinking.

Apply this for yourself in any area of your life – how do you approach new opportunities and new tasks? Are you of the belief that there is no point for you to put any “effort” in since things don’t usually go your way? Or do you see “effort” as just part of the process in getting what you want? As you work with your sales managers or upline to improve your selling skills are you feeling uncomfortable with their input as you’re interpreting it as criticism or are you open and willing to learn from what they have to say? Do you think a “bad” presentation or sales call is the end of the world or feedback that things were off and you get another chance next time? Becoming aware of your ‘automatic reactions’ is the key to being able to change them and thus, your sales success!

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