My Mission:

“To assist and encourage those in business to flourish and thrive.” 

I got my first taste of entrepreneurial success when I set up my lemonade stand right next to the Tourist Information booth on the major highway that ran through the rural community where I lived. By the second day I was offering homemade lemonade, a bowl of sugar for those with a super sweet tooth to make their drink the same and baked goods.  From a very young age I recognized – literally – that when life hands you lemons it’s your attitude that makes all the difference.

My entry into self-development programs, “The Psychology of Achievement” created a spark which ignited an enthusiasm that has lasted more than 25 years.  A student of life, I took the principles learned in endless courses and hundreds of books and applied them in my own business where I excelled at building industrial product lines, most recently with success in the offshore sector of the oil and gas industry.

A constant curiosity has been one question “What makes one person succeed when another doesn’t?”  After years of studying peak performance I concluded that it all boiled down to one thing – “beliefs”.  That foundation offered an amazing framework for recovery when a brain injury I sustained in a near-fatal car accident in 1994 provided a new training ground for yet more learning.  With this life-changing event though my interest turned to the mechanics of the brain and how it operates on a neurological level and the mind-body connection.  With education in a multitude of personal transformation and healing modalities I developed a passion for sharing with others the joy of embracing ‘possibility thinking’ and the power of our beliefs in each of our own lives.

My revenue and income has been built on straight commission sales for close to 30 years (don’t mess with the math – I started when I was 9!). Yep, if I didn’t sell something I didn’t eat and I don’t know about you, and yet I’m rather fond of eating.  I’ve also been actively assisting golfers and business achievers with their success mindset in various forms since 2003.


 SL (Sindee Lee) Gillespie
Chief Executive Sales Officer


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