A Message to business owners

No sales strategy will work if the mojo behind it isn’t there. We are in unprecedented times in our current economic climate and especially so for those in sales.  There is fear and uncertainty lurking everywhere.

The Feel Good Sales Shift Formula™ is about the inner game of selling – it’s about teaching your sales team how to show up as their best selves in the face of it all. Because if they are not showing up as confident, strong, and compassionate they are not going to have the resources internally to assist the people walking through the door in making a wise buying decision.

The thing is, when we have low expectations, we are seldom disappointed. We will talk ourselves into talking ourselves out of what we really want to achieve or what we think we can do and have when our daily theme is “I can’t because of the economy ” and, quite frankly, I call B.S. (Belief Systems!) That is an attitude and not a fact – until a person focuses on that thought so many times that they make it “real” for themselves. Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours.

The goal of The Feel Good Sales Shift is to guide those in sales from looking at what is going on in the world as a reason why they “can’t” into an understanding that selling begins within and then to equip them with the mental tools to make some good shift happen.


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